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~ Specialist in Fun! since 1995 ~
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~ Stage is our passion. We aspire for each event participant to walk away with smiles on their faces, and a glow in their hearts. ~

GX Entertainment
specializes in customized events, enrichment and edventure activities for the grassroots, community, private and government organizations, SMEs and educational institutions. We have done more than a thousand shows, big or small, to date, since 1995.

Founder Gena Chen is a professional bilingual (English and Mandarin) show host, story-teller, drama artiste, soft skills / life skills trainer, marketing major, oral communications specialist, events director and stage performer specialized in middle eastern belly dance.

As a customer oriented events provider, we provide quality services at affordable prices. We thus connect and identify with our target customers who are value conscious, financially savvy and well informed. Stage is our passion. We aspire for each event participant to walk away with smiles on their faces, and a glow in their hearts.

We are able to provide for the following: motivational, leadership and teambuilding events, educational trips, theme parties, community events, school events, festive celebrations, water carnivals, family days, ceremonies, concerts, weddings, carnivals, variety shows, personal mastery workshops, enrichment activities, learning journeys, soft skills training, outdoor theme events, tele-matches, children events, birthday parties, mascots, and life skills training. In fact, our niche is in organizing events for children and families, and community bonding parties.

Apart from direct customers, we also support other companies in the area of events management, show hosting, supply of talents and performing artistes, logistics and equipment support, enrichment and training services.

Other events related services include: balloonists, face painting, games stations, sand art, rock painting, mingling mascots, magicians, dancers, clowns, ventriloquists, jugglers, fire stunts show, snake charmers, cultural crafts stations, musicians, variety show artistes, emcees, events crew, visual and audio support services, popcorn and candy floss, ice-cream, and other customizable requests.

Soft skills / life skills training conducted by Gena Chen Academy (
www.genachenacademy.com) include: personal presentation skills, personal grooming, financial literacy 101, entrepreneurship 101, motivation, leadership, teambuilding, 16 habits of mind, self management, oral communications, public speaking, speech and dramatization, stage presentation, study skills, image marketing, etc.

Our edventure services include customized teambuilding retreats, survivor style bonding events, round island scavenger hunt, educational trips, back to nature eco trips, amazing race, learning journeys.

Gena Chen Profile

Gena Chen started show-hosting at the tender age of 15 (since 1995), when she was talent spotted by the then Singapore’s largest toys importer “Tai Sing Corporation Pte Ltd” while she was doing hosting jobs as an active volunteer for the People’s Association. She was trained as a multi-talent since 3 years of age, in areas of hosting, speech and drama, theatre works, story-telling, dance, arts, oratory skills, etc. She has won numerous awards island-wide during her younger days while participating in competitions like essay writing, bilingual story-telling, oratory presentation, fashion shows, talent shows, cross-country, track and field events, music events, etc.

In her Primary (Jurong Primary School) and Secondary school (River Valley High School) years, she was the top oratory performer and story-teller throughout every school year without fail. Thus, she was selected to host many of the schools’ functions like speech day, inter-zone science challenge, graduation ceremonies, celebrative events, award presentation events, etc. Her team won the national group oratory presentation competition and was featured in Lianhe Zaobao.

During her JC days (Hwa Chong Junior College), Gena Chen
was once again talent spotted to host many of the school’s events like Chinese New Year Celebration, Teacher’s Day, Speech Day, etc. It was a memorable experience for her when she was selected to Emcee the prestigious Pre-U Seminar which was hosted by Hwa Chong.  Her professional show-hosting debut started at age 15 when she signed up with Tai Sing Corporation Pte Ltd as their host for road shows island-wide, featuring popular products from Tamiya and Takara. Since then, her passion for events and show-hosting has become her career till this moment. GX Entertainment was founded in 1995 and is still actively engaged in the events industry, carving a niche for itself as being a ‘specialist in fun for children and the community’.

While pursuing her Graduate Diploma in Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (joint conferment by University of Washington and NTU) after attaining her Bachelor in Business (Marketing) Hons - Nanyang Technological University, Gena Chen got her chance to be featured in Youth Inc (Channel News Asia) in which her life as an events entrepreneur was featured for 35 minutes. This program was broadcasted in China and throughout the SEA region. Furthermore, she was also on the headlines of Lian He Zaobao in 2003 when they decided to feature young entrepreneurs with a passion. As a professional show host for 17 years, she has hosted a variety of both formal and informal events such as roadshows, parties, ceremonies, teambuilding events, celebrations, concerts, carnivals, school events, promotional events, seminars, festivals etc. Her niche is doing events for the grassroots, community, families, children and schools. Armed also with a Diploma in Public Speaking (ALCM) from London College Of Music & Media, her talents include bilingual show-hosting, belly dancing, stage acting, big-book story-telling, games hosting, voice-over, DJing, KJing, etc. She also specializes in conducting and organizing teambuilding and bonding events, motivational and fun workshops, and is a seasoned and dynamic soft skills / life skills trainer dealing in various areas including her forte – oral communications.

During her 17 years in business, she has managed and led people, especially youths, from all walks of life, and given opportunities for them to discover their strengths and talents. She grooms aspiring young talents in her events business and gives them opportunities to strengthen their skills sets as performers, event coordinators, emcees, and stage managers.


Stage is her passion, always will be.


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